Private Walk-In Clinic

Patient Info

Fundamental Standards

Person-centred Care

We will provide care or treatment that is
tailored to you and meets your needs and preferences.

Dignity and Respect

Our staff will treat you with dignity and respect at all times.


We will ask you or anybody legally acting on your behalf to give us your consent before any care or treatment is given to you.


We will provide a clean and safe environment, safe treatment and reliable advice.

Premises and equipment

All our equipment is daily cleaned after. each patient and calibrated annually by an externally qualified engineer. You should expect a clean environment during your visit to Private Walk-in Clinic.


You can easily complain about your care and treatment. Please ask reception for our complaint procedure or complaint form. We can assure you that all complaints will be investigated and taken action if problems are identified.

Our Team

All our doctors/staff have gone through strong recruitment.
procedures. We have checked their criminal records, work history,
qualifications, experiences, competencies, and registrations to carry out regulated activities. Our team receives regular support and yearly training and supervision they need to do their job.

Duty of candour

We promise that we will be open and transparent.
with you about your care and treatment. 
Should something go wrong, we tell you what has happened and provide support and apologize.


Out of Service Hours

If the clinic is closed and it is an emergency, please ring the emergency number 111 


IF YOU WOULD LIKE A CHAPERONE PRESENT DURING YOUR EXAMINATION, THEN PLEASE ADVISE THE RECEPTIONIST WHEN BOOKING YOUR APPOINTMENT OR WHEN CHECKING IN. The role of a Chaperone is to maintain professional boundaries during intimate examinations and acknowledge a patient’s vulnerability, providing emotional comfort and reassurance and assisting with undressing patients if required.

Compliments, Complaints and Suggestions

SomDoc Walk-In Clinic is to always provide its patients with the best possible service. We are always interested to hear your opinion on how well you think we are doing. We welcome suggestions and constructive criticism as they help us to improve our service. Please present your views in writing at reception or use our suggestion box.


Formal Complaints
At times you might not be happy with the service you have received, and you may wish to make a formal complaint, the following complaint procedures will apply. All complaints should be submitted either by writing to the Clinic Office at Private Walk-in Clinic 108 Goldhawk Road, W12 8HD, or by contacting through Tel: 02087460830, or by sending an E-mail to:


1. Acknowledgment, Investigation, and Full Response
When you’ve made your complaint, we will acknowledge your letter/email within 3 working days. (As long as you’ve provided valid contact details), then we will investigate your complaint and respond to your complaint as soon as possible either by writing or email within 20 working days of receipt. If we cannot provide you with a full response within 20 working days, then we will inform you of any delays and then will keep you updated on the progress of your complaint.


2. Internal Appeal
If you are not happy with our final response, you have a right to do an internal appeal our company director will review your concerns and acknowledge your concerns within 3 working days and a full response will follow within 20 working days of receipt.


3. External / Other organisations involved in Good Medical Practice.
If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of our company director and feel that we have not met any of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 regulations, you can escalate your concerns to any independent external review organisation that SomDoc Walk-in Clinic is a member of.

Any serious allegations about a doctor’s fitness to practice should be directed to the General Medical Council at

Some doctors who work solely in private practice are also members of the Independent Doctors Federation and will take complaints into account when conducting doctors’ appraisals at Also, any concerns can be reported to the CQC via


Complaining On Behalf of Someone Else.
Please note that we keep strictly to the rules of medical confidentiality. If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, we must know that you have their permission to do so. A note signed by the person concerned will be required.

Patient Participation Group

1. Are you interested in having a say in how we run our Clinic?

2. Do you want to share your ideas and get involved in making it happen?

3. Question and Answer sessions with the doctors and practice manager If your answer is YES, why not join the patient participation group (PPG)?

If you would like to join the group and become involved in the development and improvement of the Clinic and its services, then please call our reception and ask for a patient participation group application form.

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