Private Walk-In Clinic

Vitamin Injections & IV Infusions

Are you feeling fatigued or need to boost your immune system and in addition have low vitamins?


We offer a wide range of IV vitamin therapy that can improve your physical wellness and aspects of emotional wellness. 

IV vitamin therapy is an amazing way that can help you get the nutrients you need. 

Our doctors will check your vitamin levels, conduct further investigations if require and will tailor the Vitamin Infusion according to your needs.

Each Vitamin drip is contracted post-consultation and only a highly trained doctor will administer the vitamins.

Prices for IV Drips

  • IV Total Hydration with Doctor Consultation Fee - single treatment

  • £220

  • IV Wellness with Doctor Consultation Fee - single treatment

Prices for Intramuscular Injections

  • £220

  • B12 Injection single treatment

  • £30

  • Vitamin D Injection 300,000 IU - single treatment

Prices for Vitamin Tests

  • £30

  • Vitamin D level

  • £80

  • Iron Status profile

  • £95

  • Vitamin B12

  • £65

How it Works

  • Doctor consultation

    Our highly trained GMC-registered doctor will consult you to check your health and agree on the vitamins that suit your needs.

  • Test and check

    Our doctor will advise if a vitamin test is required to check your level of vitamins (This is normally an additional cost as the test will be sent to the laboratory).

  • Have the shot or injection.

    If your vitamin level is low and our doctor decides injection or IV drips then, a doctor will administer the therapeutic shot, or the injection and you will wait around 10 to 30 minutes. Our doctor will check your vital signs before and after the procedure and will discharge you once you and the doctor are happy and enjoy the rest of the day.

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