Private Walk-In Clinic

Driver Medicals Made Easy

Our licensed and fully qualified doctors provide thorough examinations and assessments to identify any potential medical conditions that may affect your ability to drive safely.

Driver Medicals Benefits

Taxi, Private Hire, D4 Medical and other Driver medicals can have their medical completed within the same day.

  • Compliance:

    Our Driver Medicals ensure that you are compliant with the DVLA regulations, so you can keep driving legally.

  • Safety:

    Our medicals help identify any underlying conditions that may affect your ability to drive safely, allowing you to take necessary precautions.

  • Convenience:

    Our Driver Medicals are conducted by experienced doctors at our private walk-in clinic with same day appointments, saving you time and hassle.

  • Peace of Mind:

    Our medicals provide peace of mind knowing that you are fit to drive and that any underlying health conditions are under control.

  • Affordability:

    Our Driver Medicals are competitively priced, making them accessible for all drivers

Service and Fees

  • Taxi and Private Hire Medicals (FULL MEDICAL HISTORY REQUIRED)

  • £90

  • D4 Medical

  • £65

  • Fit To Work Medicals

  • £65

  • Fit to Fly Certificate

  • £65

  • HGV/ LGV/PCV Medicals

  • £65

Driver Medicals Requirements

Please note some of the medical such as the Taxi and Private Hire you will be asked to bring your full medical history from your GP.

All drivers must bring a Photo ID, driving glasses/contact lenses if they wear one, details of any ongoing medical conditions and a medical Form.

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