Private Walk-In Clinic


Private Doctor Services

30 minute appointment (Plus one more free follow up appointment within 2 weeks) no extra charge for prescriptions referrals or sick notes.

Private Doctor Services Include:

Medical Test Services

We offer a full range of blood tests and results will be usually available on the same day or next working day.

Medical Test Services Include:

*All other test and evaluations: On request, please contact our receptionist for a detailed list of prices.

Price List

The turnarounds of all blood tests are within two working days

Service / Test name Price
Consultation Fee
Umrah and Haji Vaccination
Referral form
Ear Syringe (one ear)
Ear Syringe (both ear)
PCO (Please bring your full medical history)
D4 Form
Full Biochemistry
Full Blood count
Vitamin D Level Test
TFT (Thyroid function test)
Female hormone profile
Thyroid (FSH)
Male hormone profile
H Pylori Antibodies (IgG)
PSA Test
Urine for Microscopy and Culture
Allergy Profile UK