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Half Price General Health Check-ups


General Health Check-ups: 50% Off, Only (£65) £130, Limited quantity available.


“Our comprehensive health and fitness assessment can help you understand your health and identify any future health risks, offering practical ways to become healthier and fitter”


Tests and Measures”


Our health screening programmes will provide you with the opportunity to have comprehensive medical tests designed to fully assess the state of your health, enabling you to find the correct treatments or lifestyle changes in order to prevent or overcome any potential health problems.

Our Medical Check-Up can take up to an hour and includes a number of different tests such as:

  • -Full Blood Count
  • -Full Biochemistry

This includes, but not limited to platelets, red blood cells, white cells, inflammatory markers), liver function test, kidney function test, iron and lipid profile inclusive of cholesterol levels, and glucose level

  • – Urine Analysis to check for infection, kidney problems and diabetes

Results within one working day or same day.


For appointment please call us on 02088085901 or 0208746 0830

Validity: expires 20 June 2018

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